Alan Wallwork 1931 – 2019

Highly revered Artist Potter, hand built 20 th century studio ceramics 1957 – 2015

Roots from Goldsmiths College, London. Achieved mainstream success in the sixties.

Significant influence in interior design – tiles and sculptural forms

It is with intense sadness and relief that we have to announce the departing of our friend, one of, if not the world’s most innovative and original studio art potters, Alan Wallwork, passed away today November 2 nd 2019 after a prolonged bout of ill health. We commend him and offer our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Alan Wallwork’s obvious, original and unstoppable talent took him to Goldsmiths College in the mid 1950’s and thereafter thrust him into the vanguard of the post war modernism revolution that manifested in 1950’s London.

The 1960’s brought Alan to the attention of the world. In addition to the myriad of diverse avant-garde handbuilt pots, Alan discovered a new process to create the colourful, organic and very popular tiles which have become iconic of the psychedelic period.

Alan was a very humble man when it came to defining himself as a potter and he was extremely staunch in his defence of any attempt to direct superlatives of any kind towards himself or his work. So just to say “Alan Wallwork was a hard working potter...“ would have been enough for him, but we all know this was the most revolutionary, inspirational and fantastic man who created truly amazing, tactile, wonderful, organic, futuristic, carnal and holey forms. And we love them and you!

Farewell Alan!

Alan had stated that he didn’t consider himself to be anyone ‘special’ in the British studio pottery scene, but in the fullness of time his abilities, approach, efforts and achievements will undoubtedly be reflected on with greater appreciation and acknowledgement.

His work will speak for itself.

Jim Hodges, Jozef Jansen & Gavin Forster webmasters

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